For the Clinical Manager.

Clinical management begins with data.

Data begins with Recordation.

Real-time Reports.

Leverage operating room statistics in real time or let Recordation design custom reports using all of your data.

Milestone Times.

Room In. Anesthesia Start. Anesthesia Ready. Procedure Start. Procedure End. Room Out…

Operating Room Metrics.

Room Turnover. Induction/Emergence. Surgeon wait time. Anesthesia wait time…

Operating Room Utilization.

Graphical representation of each operating room location use over time to help manage staffing .

Transfer of Care Report. 

Customized summary for each operating room procedure improves communication among  caregivers.

Pharmacy Medication Usage.

Analyze and manage medication usage and costs, including controlled substances.

Procedures per User.

Procedures and operating room metrics per user per time period.

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