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Web-based, vendor-neutral operating room anesthesia electronic health record (EHR) and information management software for real-time data analysis in community hospitals and surgicenters, Recordation empowers clinicians and provider organizations to prove and improve patient safety, facility efficiency and financial management.

Say good-bye to antiquated paper charts and see how we can improve documentation and streamline your perioperative workflow!

Empowering Anesthesia Practices, Community Hospitals & Surgicenters

'The people's recording system' -- How Recordation aims to revolutionize data capturing in anestheisia

Douglas Keene, MD, started healthcare informatics company Recordation in an attempt to solve data capure challenges.  As an anesthesiologist and certified informaticist, Dr. Keens is immensely passionate about technology. He developed and coded Recordation to tame and improve…

Anesthesiologists find EHRs free up face-time for patients

Technology has been steadily transforming the practice of medicine, but the field of anesthesiology has not quite kept pace. Documentation is still largely a pen-and-paper enterprise, and that’s costing practices time and efficiency, affecting…

The Challenges (and Benefits) of Anesthesia Data Capture

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, hospitals and clinics were required to demonstrate conversion to electronic medical records (EMRs) by the end of 2014. However, despite government incentive programs…

The Anesthesia Information Management System Market and Challenges for Smaller Practices

Less than a decade ago, 90 percent of all physicians were still recording patient information by hand and using color-coded filing systems to store patient data. Fast forward to today, however…

Brian Gregory, MD, MBA, Principle at ORTimes

…From personal experience and comparison to larger companies, with my own background in finance, IT, and hands on setting up networks and databases for collecting data and analyzing it, Recordation is far more responsive and knowledgeable than other companies and people I’ve worked with…

Recordation Launches Innovative, Digital Health Platform for Perioperative Data Capture and Analysis at ASA 2017

Healthcare informatics company answers industry call with intuitive data tool designed to meet the unique needs of anesthesiologists, CRNAs, hospital leadership and administrators…

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Simple installation.

Microsoft® Windows® based software and off-the-shelf hardware. From tablets to laptops to workstations to servers. Your facility’s network. Minimal burden to the IT department. Don’t wait years for Anesthesia Information Technology.

Professional Fee management.

Validate case completion elements (Anes. Start, Anes. Stop, ASA Status, etc.) at the point-of-care before you forget. Export accurate demographics and billing data securely to your billing management company for faster turnover.

Automated Vitals Capture.

Focus on your patients, not drawing graphs. Patient monitors, ventilators, medical devices streaming up to one hundred parameters (i.e., SpO2) per second for ultimate high-resolution physiologic data recording.

Analytics and Reporting.

Even the smallest Surgicenters and Ambulatory Care Centers will benefit from data management with web-based data analysis of operating room metrics, medication usage, and administration from one centralized portal.

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